STI-HIV testing tool

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The Testing Tool is an update of the 2017 version and reflects recent changes to STI/HIV clinical management and practice, for example, introduction of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Offering routine STI/HIV testing helps patients feel more comfortable and willing to discuss their sexual health.

This guide explains how to help patients feel more comfortable and willing to disucss their sexual health.

It also expalins ways to discuss routine testing with patients without making them uncomfortable.

The guide contains a table of recommendations from the Australian STI management guidelines that illustrates the Who (is the patient) What (infection) How often (Should you test).

There is also a section that covers how to test - infection, specimen site and test type.

RACGP accepted clinical resource

This resource is accepted by the RACGP.
This resource is published by NSWSTI Programs Unit

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STI-HIV Testing Tool​