Research Grant Partnerships

The RACGP receives numerous requests from researchers to provide letters of support and/or partner in research proposals for funding.   The RACGP is keen to support research that is relevant to general practice policy and practice, and is well positioned to support interpreting research findings and disseminating the results. 

Unfortunately we are unable to provide support for all requests received.  This page outlines the criteria and requirements for submitting a request for a research partnership with the RACGP. 

Please note that the RACGP is not currently able to offer cash contributions to research grant applications.


Criteria for support

The following criteria will be applied in assessing whether the RACGP will provide a letter of support:
  1. The project’s aims must align with the RACGP’s strategic objectives.
  2. The research must be directly relevant to general practice and/or RACGP members or a section of members.
  3. The potential benefit and impact of the research on policy and practice must be articulated, including how it will be translated into practice.
  4. There must be at least one active investigator who is a general practitioner.
  5. The proposal must be submitted by a general practitioner who is actively involved in the project.
  6. The proposed methodology must be clear and sound with the opportunity for the RACGP to co-design the research and play an active role if desired.
  7. The RACGP must have the capacity and resourcing to support the project.
  8. There are no reputational or relational risks that would prevent the partnership from going ahead.

How to request a letter of support for your funding application

Please submit the following information:

  1. An outline of the project, detailing how it aligns with the RACGP Operating Plan Objectives, how the evidence generated will impact on general practice, and the potential benefit to policy and practice (criteria 1-3).
  2. Names of GP investigators and details of their roles in the project and how they will have ongoing input to shape the project (criteria 4).
Note: Requests for support will not be considered without an active GP investigator.Issues relevant to general practice cannot be researched without a GP investigator who plays an active role in the project. If you do not have an active GP investigator, please contact a department of general practice and work with a GP researcher to add value to the project.
  1. Details of how you propose the RACGP will contribute to the project.
  2. The date the letter is required by. 

Please note:

  • Ideally requests should be submitted at least 3-4 weeks prior to your deadline.  Please ensure you take any internal deadlines into account.  Requests submitted with shorter timeframes may not be considered due to the need for internal review of the proposal.
  • In-kind contributions will be assessed against the benefits of the project overall and current work plans and priorities.   Consideration will need to be given to the ability of the relevant internal department to contribute to each project.
  • Requests and enquiries should be emailed to