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Contribute to check

Last updated 31 October 2023

Why provide and review content for check?

Each unit of check comprises approximately five clinical cases, and the choice of cases will cover the broad spectrum of the unit’s topic. Each unit will be led by a GP with an interest and capability in the topic, and they will scope the five different cases for that unit in collaboration with the check team.

Completing a unit of check means members achieve approximately 10 CPD hours (based on two hours per case). Every clinical case included in each unit will follow an agreed standard format, and will carry two CPD hours (one hour of Educational Activities and one hour of Reviewing Performance). In addition, each check unit will include one or more suggested topics that meet Measuring Outcomes requirements for CPD.

Authors achieve four CPD hours (two hours' EA and two hours' RP) for each case they write. Unit coordinators achieve six hours (one hour EA and one hour RP) in total. Unit coordinators who also write a case achieve six hours (three hours' EA and three hours' RP), based on one written case. Subject matter expert reviewers achieve two CPD hours (one hour EA and one hour RP) for each case they review.

Testimonials from authors and reviewers

‘It was good for me to have the opportunity to review my own knowledge and practice, based on needing to reference the case with up-to-date literature to ensure the recommendations were accurate, so thanks for giving me the chance to do it.’

‘Writing cases is enjoyable and also a great opportunity to learn more about important and common topics.’

To find out more about contributing to check as an author, unit coordinator or subject matter expert reviewer, please contact the team at checkproduction@racgp.org.au

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