Schedules associated with the Flexible Funds Policy

Important notice
These schedules are to be read in conjunction with the Flexible Funds Policy

Schedule 1 – Supervisor professional development payments

Supervisor professional development requirements and payment rates

Supervisor classification Professional development Payment
New Supervisor (first year)
  • RACGP will fund up to 12 hours of supervisor professional development for new supervisors for completion of the RACGP Foundations of GP Supervision Program. The program consists of 8 modules, seven of which must be completed prior to being accredited. 
  • $150/hr up to the 12 hour maximum
  • All community general practice training sites with an Eligible Registrar must undertake supervisor professional development.
  • The total number of supervisor professional development hours expected to be completed by the general practice training site is 3 hours per registrar per semester capped at 4 registrars.
  • How each of the individual accredited supervisors within the training site contributes to the total number of hours is at the discretion of the practice but should reflect the learning needs of the supervisors.
  • Supervisors in an Incentivised Location that do not have a registrar are eligible to receive a stipend payment if they attend an approved supervisor professional development activity. A minimum of 3 hours of supervisor professional development will be required for this payment.

  • Supervisors located in an MM3-7 location and working in a training site with an Eligible Registrar, or working in an Incentivised Location without an Eligible Registrar, will be able to apply for reimbursement of reasonable travel costs (flights, mileage or car rentals and accommodation to attend supervisor professional development events).
  • A stipend will be paid to the training site based on the number of Eligible Registrars training at that site. RACGP will fund $500 for each Eligible Registrar per semester (capped at 4 registrars) 
  • A stipend will be paid to the training site of $500 per semester per training site (the equivalent to having one registrar).
  • In addition to the stipend, an allowance of up to $2,000 per Supervisor per annum may be claimed for travel expenses


Schedule 2 – Remote supervision payments

Remote supervisor activities and payments

Activity per general practice term 2nd term payment 3rd term payment 4th term payment
Remote supervision

Orientation (once per placement/site)

$150/hr (+GST) up to 76 hours (2 weeks) for onsite orientation
Remote supervision
All teaching, support, ad hoc communications, assessment and regular quarantined time with the registrar
$150/hr (+GST)
Up to 2.5 hours per week in addition to NCP payment for teaching time
$150/hr (+GST)
Up to 2.5 hours per week in addition to NCP payment for teaching time
$150/hr (+GST)
Up to 3 hours per week
Additional onsite visits
Supervisor travel, accommodation and hours worked
$150/hr (+GST)
Up to 2 visits per term
$150/hr (+GST)
Up to 2 visits per term
$150/hr (+GST)
1 visit per term

Please note remote supervision payments outlined in Schedule 2 are pro rata and must be in an approved remote supervision placement. 

Schedule 3 – Bridging registrar support payments for priority hard to fill locations

Registrar financial support for Incentivised Placements payment rates

Band Eligibility Financial support per semester
Band 1 Must be undertaking Core General Practice Training Term, or Additional Rural Skills Training in community general practice in an Incentivised Placement Up to $5,000
Band 2 Up to $15,000
Band 3 Up to $25,000
Band 4 Up to $45,000

Schedule 4 – Registrar financial support for Additional Rural Skills Training

Registrar financial support for Additional Rural Skills Training requirements and payment rates

Type of support Requirements Payment
Additional Rural Skills Training
  • Registrars must be on a rural generalist pathway and undertaking an accredited and approved Additional Rural Skills Training.
  • Note: total funding will be with reference to the type of Additional Rural Skills Training, and the applicable mandatory education and training costs.
  • Up to $6,000 per registrar.

Last updated : 21 March 2024