Office-based procedures

March 2017

AFP Cover 2017 March

Office-based procedures

March 2017 Vol 46 (3) 81-176

The March issue of AFP highlights a range of office-based procedures in general practice.


Managing corneal foreign bodies in office-based general practice

Alison Fraenkel, Lawrence R Lee, Graham A Lee

Burns dressings

Helen E Douglas, Fiona Wood

Performing therapeutic venesection in a doctor’s surgery

Hui Yin Lim, Wai Khoon Ho

Implanon NXT: Expert tips for best-practice insertion and removal

Suzanne Pearson, Mary Stewart, Deborah Bateson

Up front

Editorial: Procedural skills remain an intrinsic component of office-based general practice in the 21st century

Stephen A Margolis


A suspicious pigmented lesion in a transplant patient

Harini Rajgopal Bala, Alvin H Chong

The short Synacthen test and laboratory assay inter-ference

Kay Weng Choy, Kay Hau Choy

Lisfranc injuries

Sacha Wynter, Cameron Grigg

An unusual cause of pleuritic pain

Joshua E Mann

A case of double vision

Mohamed-Syarif Mohamed-Yassin, Noorhida Baharudin, Norasyikin Mustafa

Projectile fly larvae: A potentially under-reported cause of ocular foreign body sensation and inflammation in Australia

Julian C Kelman, Zachary E McPherson, Benjamin WC Sim


Older people and knowledge of epilepsy: GPs can help

Chris L Peterson, Loretta Piccenna, Sue Williams, Frances Batchelor, Briony Dow, Graeme Shears

Comparison of efficacy and tolerability of pharmacological treatment for the overactive bladder in women: A network meta-analysis

Sivalingam Nalliah, Pou Wee Gan, Premjit K Masten Singh, Piravin Naidu, Vivian Lim, Arshad ASA Ahamed

Parental attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and concerns towards childhood vaccinations in Australia: A national online survey

Maria Yui Kwan Chow, Margie Danchin , Harold W Willaby, Sonya Pemberton, Julie Leask

Undescended testes: Diagnosis and timely treatment in Australia (1995–2014)

Jaya Vikraman, Susan Donath, John M Hutson AO


Teaching rational prescribing to general practice registrars: A guide for supervisors

Simon Morgan


Research in general practice

Jane Gunn, Marie Pirotta

Echocardiography and clozapine: Is current clinical practice inhibiting use of a potentially life-transforming therapy?

Gail Robinson, Steve Kisely, Dan Siskind, Robert J Flanagan, Amanda J Wheeler

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