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Female pelvic problems

July Vol 44 (7) 433-528
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Obstetric and gynaecological problems in Australian general practice

Clare Bayram, Helena Britt, Allan J Pollack, Carmen Wong

Pelvic organ prolapse – a review

Hans Peter Dietz

Management of persistent pelvic pain in girls and women

Susan Evans

Localised provoked vestibulodynia (vulvodynia): assessment and management

Helen Henzell, Karen Berzins

Up front

Editorial: A lifetime of learning

Sarah Metcalfe

Letters to the editor


Your questions about complementary medicines answered: fish oil

Mieke van Driel, Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers, Treasure McGuire, Suzanne Bedford, Marie Pirotta, Peter Loadsman, Geraldine Moses

Semont manoeuvre for vertigo assessment

Shyh Poh Teo

Cicatricial alopecia – a case study

Siew Kim Kwa, Esha Das Gupta


Self-medication for cough and the common cold: information needs of consumers

Mieke van Driel, Laura Deckx, Treasure McGuire, Geraldine Moses, Sanne Maartje Kloosterboer, Theo Verheij

Rites of passage: improving refugee access to general practice services

I-Hao Cheng, Shiva Vasi, Sayed Wahidi, Grant Russell

Diagnosis matters: the differing clinical trajectories for terminal prostate, lung and haematological cancers

Peter Martin, Leeroy William, Kate Jackson, Adam Bostanci, Jennifer Ward, Lise Pittman, Gaye Moore

Involuntary psychiatric treatment in the community: general practitioners and the implementation of community treatment orders

Philip Boyce, Edwina Light, Ian Kerridge, Michael Robertson, Terry Carney, Alan Rosen, Michelle Cleary, Glenn Hunt, Nick O’Connor, Christopher Ryan

Consultation contexts and the acceptability of alcohol enquiry from general practitioners – a survey experiment

Chun Wah Michael Tam, Nicholas Zwar, Charlotte Hespe, Louis Hion-Lam Leong


Online pathways for dementia care

Alison Ollerenshaw

A team care model of cervical screening in a general practice

Darryn Rennie, Jennifer Boxsell, Kaye Pedretti

General practice ethics: inter-professional responsibilities

Wendy Rogers, Annette Braunack-Mayer


Ethical research or research ethics?

Chun Wah Michael Tam, Siaw-Teng Liaw

Patient portals: furthering the reality of patient partnership

Jill E Thistlethwaite

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