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August Vol 44 (8) 529-608


Ordering chest X-rays in Australian general practice

Julie Gordon, Ying Pan, Graeme C Miller

Musculoskeletal chest wall pain

Tania Winzenberg, Graeme Jones, Michele Callisaya

Interstitial lung disease in 2015: where are we now?

Lauren Troy, Tamera Corte

Adult-onset asthma

Jonathan Burdon

Guide to thoracic imaging

Sarah Skinner

Up front

Editorial: Dissecting the thorax

Glenn Duns

Letters to the editor


Your questions about complementary medicines answered: gingko biloba

Mieke van Driel, Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers, Treasure McGuire, Suzanne Bedford, Marie Pirotta, Peter Loadsman, Geraldine Moses

Management of the disappearing skin cancer

Steven Tomas

An itchy, scaly plaque on the scalp

Naveen Kumar Kansal, Saurabh Agarwal


Multicentre audit of ACE-inhibitor associated angioedema (MAAAA)

Jimit Gandhi, Rachel Jones, David Teubner, Genevieve Gabb

Age-related variation in primary care-type presentations to emergency departments

Sarah Gafforini, Gary Freed, Norman Carson

Disclosure for same-sex attracted women enhancing the quality of the patient–doctor relationship in general practice

Kelsey Hegarty, Angela Taft, Ruth McNair


General practice ethics: text messages and boundaries in the GP–patient relationship

Wendy Rogers, Yishai Mintzker

Multiparametric MRI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer – a generational change

Les C Thompson, Morgan R Pokorny

Therapeutic venesection at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service: impact of the High Ferritin Application on management of hereditary haemochromatosis

Peter Bentley, Barbara Bell, John Olynyk


Sentinel node biopsy should be the standard of care for patients with intermediate and thick melanomas

Andrew Spillane, Rebecca Read, John Thompson

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