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Development of the RACGP Standards

5th edition Standards: Patient Feedback Guide 

The RACGP is currently developing the 5th edition of the Standards for general practices (the Standards), to be released in October 2017. 

Feedback from stakeholders and practices on patient feedback in 4th edition Standards indicates that the requirements are too prescriptive and focus on the process for collecting the feedback rather than the outcome. 

As a result of the feedback received and the move to more outcomes focused Indicators in the 5th edition Standards, the requirements relating to patient feedback have been modified to provide increased flexibility for practices in how they undertake patient feedback.

Criterion QI1.2 – Patient Feedback in the draft 5th edition Standards contains the following three mandatory Indicators:

► A. Our practice seeks feedback from patients, carers and other relevant parties in accordance with the RACGP Patient Feedback Guide: learning from our patients (the Patient Feedback Guide).

► B. Our practice can demonstrate how we have analysed and responded to feedback and considered feedback for quality improvement

► C. Our practice promotes how we have responded to feedback and used feedback for quality improvements. 

The above Indicators focus on the importance of:

  • collecting the feedback
  • analysing the feedback
  • using the feedback for quality improvement purposes.

 In order to reflect the requirements of the Indicators in the 5th edition Standards, the Patient Feedback Guide has been revised and updated. 

The RACGP would like to hear from you. Please follow this link to access the revised Patient Feedback Guide. You can email your feedback to

The consultation period for the revised Patient Feedback Guide concludes on 30 October 2016.

The RACGP will consider all feedback received to inform the next draft of the Patient Feedback Guide. The Patient Feedback Guide will be released with the 5th edition Standards in October 2017.

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