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Pandemic flu kit

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners ‘Pandemic flu kit’ has been developed with the support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and with the expertise of representatives across the health sector.

Pandemic influenza will challenge all facets of Australia’s health system. The role of general practitioners in a pandemic is to provide essential health care to patients, and to support public health goals in disease control.

In responding to a pandemic, general practices will need to develop practice systems to provide safety for practice staff and the continuation of high quality clinical care to patients.

This resource will provide the practice team with the information to build knowledge and competency in managing the impact of a pandemic influenza.

Pandemic preparedness of a practice, clinic or health centre requires careful consideration and planning across a wide range of contingencies. From the first patient with influenza-like symptoms presenting for an appointment, through to how an acutely unwell patient is managed while in isolation in their own home.

The Pandemic flu kit is designed to educate the entire practice team and to provide the necessary resources to support the education of patients and practice staff.

There may be some information contained in these modules that is outside the current knowledge of some practice staff. Practice staff should be encouraged to speak with clinical colleagues for clarification on any of the clinical issues presented.

The Pandemic flu kit is intended to expand and build on the current skill set of the practice team.

General practice is where the community turns to when faced with a public health disease outbreak. The Pandemic flu kit will help ensure that patients are well founded in their confidence that the practice team know their role in the management of communicable diseases.

The resources

Pandemic guide - This guide contains current evidence based information about pandemic influenza and includes comprehensive information regarding Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PPRR) principles and activities

Implementation guide – This is a shorter document in flipchart format that contains clear tangible actions which are specifically aligned with the pandemic stages (including color coding) as outlined in the Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza. Stages include – Preparedness, Standby, Initial Action, Targeted and Stand down.

Pandemic influenza toolkit – This resource is a collection of operational documents developed to support general practices in their preparedness and response efforts. The toolkit comprises pandemic planning templates, triage algorithms, scripts and posters.

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