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The General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway

Changes to the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway from 10 November 2014

From 10 November 2014, there will be new requirements in the General Practice Experience (GPE) pathway. Doctors submitting an application for the GPE pathway in the 2015.2 enrolment period will need to meet the new requirements outlined below.

Eligibility for enrolment in the Fellowship assessments

To sit the Fellowship assessments, applicants must have their general practice experience assessed. Applicants require:
Four years full time (or part time equivalent) in general practice over the last ten years, which must include:

  1. One year full time equivalent completed in the last four years; and
  2. One year in Australian general practice. Of this at least six months full time equivalent must be in “fully comparable” general practice.

“Fully comparable” is defined in the Assessment of General Practice Experience policy.

Requirements for Fellowship

In order to obtain Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) via the GPE pathway, candidates’ general practice experience must include at least one year of “fully comparable” Australian general practice at time of applying for Fellowship.

If you have been working for a significant period of time in general practice you may be eligible to enrol in the RACGP Fellowship assessments via the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway.

This pathway recognises work experience and is a way that international medical graduates (IMGs), also referred to as overseas trained doctors, can gain Fellowship without having to do specialist general practice training (vocational training) in Australia.

You need to have your time in general practice assessed by the College Censors through a formal application process. The Assessment of General Practice Experience policy outlines what the College Censors take into account when reviewing applications.

To have your general practice experience assessed you must complete the self assessment tool and and then log in to pay and complete the form.

Time requirements

If you are a doctor currently working in Australian general practice, you are required to complete 4 years full time (or its part time equivalent) in general practice, 1 year of which must have been undertaken in Australia, to be eligible for enrolment in the Fellowship assessments.

You also must have completed at least 6 months in “fully comparable” general practice experience.

Recency of Practice 

General practice experience over 10 years old will not be assessed, and the equivalent of 1 year full time must have been completed in the last 4 years.

For full information, forms, processes and policies about the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway please see the Practice Eligible Handbook and the Assessment of General Practice Experience Policy for further information.

Doctors on the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway are able to undertake either the RACGP Fellowship exams, or the Practice Based Assessment (PBA).

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway, you may continue working towards meeting the requirements, or you may wish to consider specialist general practice training (vocational training).  Successful applicants for the training program are called Registrars. For further information please see Medical Students and Registrars.

General practice assessment fees – From 1 July 2014

Assessment typeAssessment fees
Assessment of overseas & Australian general practice experience $660 $440
Assessment of Australian general practice experience $330 $220

In order to be eligible for the 2015.1 examinations applicants must have their complete time assessed submitted by Friday 17 October 2014.

Rural Doctors

As an International Medical Graduate, it is likely that you will practice in rural or remote Australia. Contact the National Rural Faculty (NRF) to find out what support and information is available to you.

Ask about the rural fellowship – the Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP).



Fellowship Exams Candidate Handbook (pdf 714KB)

College Exam Venue Allocation, Assessment Methods Assessment Performance Reporting Enrolment Procedures Rules and their observances for the conduct of RACGP examinations


General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) Pathway Handbook (pdf 247KB)

Includes Assessment of Overseas General Practice Experience and Australian General Practice Experience


Assessment of general practice experience policy (pdf 369KB)

This policy defines the principles which underpin the assessment of general practice experience.

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