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Evolution of general practice

September Vol 45 (9) 613-692


From medical gaze to statistical person: Historical reflections on evidence-based and personalised medicine

Hallam Stevens

The changing face of Australian general practice across the decades

Lisa Valenti, Julie Gordon, Clare Bayram, Helena Britt, Graeme C Miller, Joan Henderson

A historical account of the doctor’s bag

David Dammery

Up front

Editorial: Australian Family Physician celebrates sixty years of publication

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


Facial hair growth in a patient with psoriasis

Tiago Torres, Rita S Matos

Ear discomfort in a competitive surfer

Mike Climstein, Vini Simas, James Furness, Wayne Hing, Rodney Pope, Joe Walsh

Purpuric rash in a young adult

Thomas J Stewart

A pale macule and a waxy pink lesion in a child with neurofibromatosis type 1

Christie Beveridge

Falling up stairs

George Marshall

Traumatic nasal injuries in general practice

Joo H Koh, Osama Bhatti, Abbas Mahmood, Nicholas Agar


Medication-related queries received for ‘after hours GP helpline’ – Comparison of callers’ intentions with GPs’ advice

Amina Tariq, Ling Li, Mary Byrne, Maureen Robinson, Johanna Westbrook, Melissa T Baysari

Road safety risks in young people attending general practice: A cross-sectional study of road risks and associated health risks

Lena Sanci, Jennifer Martin, Sylvia D Kauer

Identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status by general practice registrars: Confidence and associations

Simon Morgan, Amanda Tapley, Kim M Henderson, Mieke van Driel, Neil A Spike, Parker Magin, Lawrie McArthur, Allison Thomson, Peter O’Mara, John Scott

Can we measure integration of healthcare from administrative and clinical records?

Ian McRae, Paresh Dawda, Michelle Banfield, Anne Parkinson


Is Australia ready to implement delayed prescribing in primary care? A review of the evidence

Lucy Sargent, Amanda McCullough, Chris Del Mar, John Lowe

The contribution of a knowledge exchange organisation in primary healthcare

Lynsey Brown, Jodie Oliver-Baxter, Ellen McIntyre, Katrina Erny-Albrecht, Christina Hagger, Petra Bywood


The role of Australian Family Physician in supporting general practice research – A personal perspective

Tania Winzenberg

The asthma enigma – how are we doing 25 years on?

Lyn Clearihan

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