Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2016 December

Substance Use

December 2016 Vol 45 (12) 853-932

This month's articles include: Chronic alcohol abuse,Prescription drug abuse, Cannabis use and its associated disorders

AFP Cover 2016 November


November 2016 Vol 45 (11) 773-852

This month's articles include: Neuropathic and non-neuropathic chronic pain at GP encounters, Neuroimaging, A general practice approach to Bell’s palsy

AFP Cover 2016

Vulnerable populations

2016 Vol 45 (10) 693-772

This month's articles include: An analysis of general practice encounters by socioeconomic disadvantage, Meeting the primary care needs of young people in residential care, Teenage mothers

AFP Cover 2016 September

Evolution of general practice

September 2016 Vol 45 (9) 613-692

This month's articles include: The changing face of Australian general practice across the decades, From medical gaze to statistical person: Historical reflections on evidence-based and personalised medicine, A historical account of the doctor’s bag

AFP Cover 2016 August

Perinatal care

August 2016 Vol 45 (8) 533-612

This month's articles include: Antenatal care, nutrition care during pregnancy, men and pregnancy, and challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers

AFP Cover 2016 July

Sports medicine

July 2016 Vol 45 (7) 453–532

This month's articles include: Musculoskeletal injuries, Paediatric sports injuries, Concussion in children and adolescents and Ageing athletes.

AFP Cover 2016 June

Ear, nose and throat

June 2016 Vol 45 (6) 357–452

This month's articles include: Hearing loss in the elderly, Implantable hearing devices, Sinusitis and Voice hoarseness.

AFP Cover 2016 May

Medical education

May 2016 Vol 45 (5) 257-352

This month's articles include: Public health role of general practitioners, Mentoring medical students and Educating general practice registrars.

AFP Cover 2016 April

Men’s health

April 2016 Vol 45 (4) 161-256

This month's articles include: Men’s health, Intimate partner violence, Healthcare for men who have sex with men and Male baldness

AFP Cover 2016 March

Veteran's Health

March 2016 Vol 45 (3) 81-160

This month's articles include: Veterans’ health, ADF Post-discharge GP Health Assessment, Australian veterans’ mental health issues and Supporting Australia’s new veterans

AFP Cover 2016 January/February

Global Health

January/February 2016 Vol 45 (1) 1-80

This month's articles include Vaccine-preventable diseases, Training for general practice, Students learning medicine in general practice and Volunteering to help those less fortunate