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Perinatal care

August Vol 45 (8) 533-612


Antenatal care in Australian general practice

Julie Gordon, Ying Pan, Helena Britt, Joan Henderson, Carmen Wong

Nutrition care by general practitioners: Enhancing women’s health during and after pregnancy

Lauren Ball, Shelley Wilkinson

Overcoming challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers

Lisa H Amir, Anita Bearzatto

There from the start: Men and pregnancy

Matthew Roberts

Up front

Editorial: On the threshold

Sophia Samuel


Paediatric urinary tract infections: Diagnosis and treatment

Devang J Desai, Brent Gilbert, Craig A McBride

Managing nausea and vomiting in pregnancy in a primary care setting

Amelia Tan, Therese Foran, Amanda Henry

Smoking cessation in people with alcohol and other drug problems

Colin P Mendelsohn, Alex Wodak AM

Surgery for adult patients with obstructive sleep apnoea: A review for general practitioners

Nga T Phan, Benjamin Wallwork, Benedict Panizza

Widespread rash after throat infection

Ana Baptista, Sofia Madanelo, Paulo Morais, Joana Ribeiro


Discussing alcohol and cancer with patients: Knowledge and practices of general practitioners in New South Wales and South Australia

Nadia Corsini, Lyndal Wellard, Clare Hughes

Identifying Risk for Diabetes in Adolescence (IRDA): A pilot study in general practice

John Furler, Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis, Gareth Rudock, Irene Blackberry, Mark Kennedy

Setting up a domestic violence telephone helpline for general practitioners in Australia: What exists and what works?

Kelsey Hegarty, Kirsty Forsdike-Young

A diabetes-specific e-mental health tool: Development, acceptability and outcomes of a feasibility study

Jan Orman, Janine Clarke, Erin Whittle, Cesar Anonuevo, Judith Proudfoot

A clinical placement program for primary care professionals at a comprehensive cancer centre

Judy Evans, Linda Nolte, Amanda Piper, Liz Simkiss, Kathryn Whitfield, Michael Jefford

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