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Vulnerable populations

October Vol 45 (10) 693-772


An analysis of general practice encounters by socioeconomic disadvantage

Lisa Valenti, Julie Gordon, Clare Bayram, Graeme C Miller

Meeting the primary care needs of young people in residential care

Kristen Moeller-Saxone, Louise McCutcheon, Stephen Halperin, Helen Herrman, Andrew M Chanen

Teenage mothers

Deborah Bateson, Jennifer L Marino, Lucy N Lewis, Martha Hickey, S Rachel Skinner

Up front

Editorial: GPs and vulnerable populations

Sophia Samuel

Letters to the editor


A practical overview of the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection

Anthony Khoo, Edmund Tse

Uterine fibroids: Investigation and current management trends

Helen Kaganov, Alex Ades


‘If they’re your doctor, they should care about you’: Women on release from prison and general practitioners

Parker J Magin, Penelope Abbott, Wendy Hu, Joyce Davison

Seasonal influenza vaccination in Aboriginal children in Western Australia in 2015

Annette K Regan, Donna B Mak, Tyra Thomas, Paul V Effler

Australian women’s experiences of the subdermal contraceptive implant: A qualitative perspective

Kirsten I Black, Mary Stewart, Deborah Bateson, Kumiyo Inoue, Marguerite Kelly, Juliet Richters, Alexandra Barratt

Patients’ perspectives about why they have their contraceptive Implanon NXT device removed early

Andrew Bonney, Judy Mullan, Bridget Dijkmans-Hadley, Meike Flore, Xiaoshuang Chen, Adam Hodgkins, Gina Evans, Haley Frew, Gail Lloyd

General practitioner perspectives on referrals to paediatric public specialty clinics

Neil A Spike, Gary L Freed, Lena Sanci, Erin Turbitt, Marina Kunin, Sarah Gafforini

Urban general practice and medical education: Academic outcomes from a unique urban, longitudinal integrated community-based program

Sarah Mahoney, Paul Worley, Helen Parry, Sally Clarke


Alcohol screening and brief interventions in primary care – Evidence and a pragmatic practice-based approach

Chun Wah Michael Tam, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Andrew Knight

The evolving role of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of cardiovascular disease

Michael B Stokes, Nitesh Nerlekar, Stuart Moir, Karen S Teo


The medical home: A need for collaborative practice

Jill E Thistlethwaite

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