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May Vol 45 (5) 257-352
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General practice registrar education beyond the practice: The public health role of general practitioners

Tim Usherwood, Stephen Leeder, Stephen Corbett

General practitioners and general practice registrars: A comparison of clinical activity

Christopher Harrison, Julie Gordon, Graeme C Miller

Mentoring medical students in your general practice

John Fraser

Educating registrars in your practice

Susan M Wearne, Louise Butler, Jeremy A Jones

Up front

Editorial: Medical educators: The unsung heroes of general practice?

Stephen A Margolis


Early pregnancy bleeding

Carol Breeze

Post-tonsillectomy management: A framework

Lauren N Cooper

Atopic dermatitis in children

Sarah Strathie Page, Stephanie Weston, Richard Loh

The longstanding sore throat

Chrysostomos Tornari, Krishan Ramdoo, Tse Choong Charn, Taran Tatla

Don’t aim too high: Avoiding shoulder injury related to vaccine administration

Gail Cross, Jason Moghaddas, Jim Buttery, Sally Ayoub, Tony M Korman

Flu-like symptoms in pregnancy – A case study

Katie Q Chen, Elizabeth H Hayles, John Sinn

Development of erythematous scaly lesions in a cervical surgical scar

Tiago Torres, Carla Ferreira da Silva

The management of gout: Much has changed

Philip C Robinson, Lisa K Stamp


Prescription usage patterns of two formulations of paracetamol in osteoarthritis: Australia-wide experience 2008–11

Michael Ortiz, Gordon Calcino, Fiona Dunagan

Who uses the ‘after hours GP helpline’? A profile of users of an after-hours primary care helpline

Rosemary McKenzie, Michelle Williamson, Rebecca Roberts

A synthesis of selected national Australian guidelines on the general practice management of adult patients who are overweight or obese

Elizabeth Sturgiss, Kirsty Douglas, Rebecca Kathage, Sonia Res

Patients’ acceptance of SNAP assessment: An exploration

Chun Wah Michael Tam, Nicholas Zwar, Charlotte Hespe

Review of the causes and management of chronic gastrointestinal symptoms in returned travellers referred to an Australian infectious diseases service

Noha Ferrah, Karin Leder, Katherine Gibney


A blended supervision model in Australian general practice training

Gerard Ingham, Jennifer Fry

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