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Falling through the cracks

September Vol 44 (9) 609-688


The management of unresolved gastrointestinal symptoms in Australian general practice

Lisa Valenti, Julie Gordon, Graeme C Miller

Managing medically unexplained illness in general practice

Louise Stone

Rare diseases are a ‘common’ problem for clinicians

Elizabeth Elliott, Yvonne Zurynski

A powerful team: the family physician advocating for patients with a rare disease

Tracy Dudding-Byth

Cancer of unknown primary site

Claire M Vajdic, David Goldstein

Up front

Editorial: My doctor was simply unaware of this disorder…

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


Is there a role for prazosin in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder?

John Togno, Scott Eaton

Your questions about complementary medicines answered: St John’s wort

Mieke van Driel, Sanne Kreijkamp-Kaspers, Treasure McGuire, Suzanne Bedford, Marie Pirotta, Peter Loadsman, Geraldine Moses

An update on epistaxis

Stephanie Yau

Disseminated brown macules in an infant

Jorge Ocampo-Candiani, Sandra Cecilia García-García, Guillermo Antonio Guerrero-González, Sylvia Aide Martínez-Cabriales

Early detection and non-invasive diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma using a dermatoscope

Steven Tomas

Advances in radiotherapy technology for prostate cancer: What every GP should know

Peter Gorayski, Mark B Pinkham, Margot Lehman


Patients’ and providers’ satisfaction with shared medical appointments

John Dixon, Garry Egger, John A Stevens, Andrew Binns, Hamish Meldrum, Mary-Anne Cole, Dan Ewald

Low levels of vitamin B12 can persist in the early resettlement of refugees: symptoms, screening and monitoring

Jill Benson, Christine Phillips, Margaret Kay, Hoda Hanifi, Gauri Giri, Catherine Leahy, Michelle Lorimer


General practice ethics: Issues in family relationships

Wendy Rogers, Annette Braunack-Mayer

The Registrars’ Clinical Encounters in Training (ReCEnT) project: educational and research aspects of documenting general practice trainees’ clinical experience

Simon Morgan, Amanda Tapley, Kim M Henderson, Mieke van Driel, Neil A Spike, Parker Magin, Lawrie McArthur, John Scott, Jenny Presser, Natalie Lockwood


Supporting patients with a rare disease

Valmae Ypinazar

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