Foot problems


AFP Cover 2015

Foot problems

2015 Vol 44 (3) 81-160

This month's articles include Paraesthesia, Heel pain, Ingrown toenails and Mid-foot pain.


Plantar fasciitis in Australian general practice

Allan J Pollack, Helena Britt

Paraesthesia and peripheral neuropathy

Roy G Beran

Heel pain: a practical approach

Ebonie Rio, Sue Mayes, Jill Cook

Ingrown toenails: the role of the GP

Alan Bryant, Andrew Knox

The challenge of managing mid-foot pain

Peter Baquie, Lachlan Fooks, James Pope, Geoff Tymms

Up front

Editorial: Foot problems

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


Evaluation of digital clubbing

Chun Wai Chan

Papilledema: a case of bilateral blurred vision caused by idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Christolyn Raj

Disclosures of sexual abuse: what do you do next?

Patrick Kinsella, Margaret Uebergang

Nipple pain associated with breastfeeding: incorporating current neurophysiology into clinical reasoning

Lisa H Amir, Lester E Jones, Miranda L Buck

Cutaneous chemical burns: assessment and early management

Neiraja Gnaneswaran, Eshini Perera, Marlon Perera, Raja Sawhney


A comparison of vitamin D levels in two antenatal populations in regional Western Australia – ‘Tjindoo Ba Thonee Thurra’: sunshine for the pregnant belly

Clare Willix, Sandra Rasmussen, Sharon Evans, Veronica Walshe

How general practitioners manage mental illness in culturally and linguistically diverse patients: an exploratory study

Sujatha Harding, Peter Schattner, Bianca Brijnath


A historical perspective of the barriers to generalism

Kheng-Hock Lee

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