Wounds and ulcers

September 2014

AFP Cover 2014 September

Wounds and ulcers

September 2014 Vol 43 (9) 577-656

This month's articles include Ulcer dressings, Venous leg ulcers, Lacerations in children and Tropical ulcers.


Chronic skin ulcers

Janice Charles, Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt

Ulcer dressings and management

Geoff Sussman

Management of venous leg ulcers in general practice – a practical guideline

Sankar Sinha, Sadhishaan Sreedharan

Laceration repair in children

Benjamin Lawton, Andrew Hadj

Tropical and exotic dermatoses and ulcers

Deepani Rathnayake, Rodney Sinclair

Evaluation, diagnosis and management of chronic urticaria

Eshini Perera, Rodney Sinclair

Up front

Chronic leg wounds and ulceration: an ongoing challenge

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


HbA1c, blood glucose monitoring and insulin therapy

Patrick J Phillips, Stephen Leow

Painful red lumps on the shins

Lawrence Leung, Loraine Chick

Atypical chest pain after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Stephanie Wayne, Victor Wayne

Evaluating for immunodeficiency in children with recurrent infection

Adrian YS Lee, Paul EA Gray


Stakeholders’ views of shared learning models in general practice: a national survey

Thea van de Mortel, Peter Silberberg, Christine Ahern, Sabrina Pit

Predictors of specialist referral for developmental and behavioural problems in a Queensland urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community: a cross-sectional study

Karen Liddle, Deborah A Askew, Kim Betts, Noel Hayman, Rosa Alati


Starting off in general practice – consultation skill tips for new GP registrars

Simon Morgan, Moses Chan, Chris Starling

Visions of generalism – what does the future hold?

Jane Gunn, Victoria Palmer

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