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Pablo Fernandez-Crehuet

Email: pablocrehuet@hotmail.com
MD, PhD, Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatology, Hospital Alto Guadalquivir, Andujar, Jaen, Spain

Bleeding cutaneous tumour after cryotherapy

Case studyA man, aged 32 years, presented one month after undergoing cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen for an apparently common wart on his hand. A progressively enlarging painful lump that bled...

Dirt-like hyperpigmented plaques on the face

CaseA woman, aged 72 years, living in a Spanish rural area, was referred to our dermatology department with a 10-month history of persistent, asymptomatic, brown, dirt-like facial macular...

Hairy elbows A case study

Figure 1. Bilateral hairy elbowsQuestion 1What is a primary nevoid hypertrichosis?Question 2Do you need to perform any tests to diagnose it?Question 3What is an appropriate therapeutic approach to...

Localised alopecia A case study

Case studyA young male, 6 years of age, who had previously been well, presented with his parents to the paediatric walk-in clinic.The child was fully vaccinated, had no drug allergies and no family...

Symmetrical cutaneous bilateral appendage – a case study

Figure 1. Soft, pink, asymptomatic and congenital papules in ulnar surface of proximal phalanx of the fifth fingersQuestion 1What is the differential diagnosis?Question 2What is the most likely...


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