November 2016

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November 2016 Vol 45 (11) 773-852

This month's articles include: Neuropathic and non-neuropathic chronic pain at GP encounters, Neuroimaging, A general practice approach to Bell’s palsy


Neuropathic and non-neuropathic chronic pain at GP encounters: Prevalence, patient characteristics, suffering and pregabalin use

Joan Henderson, Allan J Pollack, Ying Pan, Graeme C Miller


Julius Tamangani

A general practice approach to Bell’s palsy

Nga T Phan, Benedict Panizza, Benjamin Wallwork

Functional magnetic resonance imaging in clinical practice: State of the art and science

Christen D Barras, Hamed Asadi, Torsten Baldeweg, Laura Mancini, Tarek A Yousry, Sotirios Bisdas

Up front

Editorial: Neurology and current knowledge

Glenn Duns

Letters to the editor


Advances in radiotherapy technology for non–small cell lung cancer: What every general practitioner should know

Michael Huo, Peter Gorayski, Mark B Pinkham, Margot Lehman

Pigmented lesions of the nail bed – Clinical assessment and biopsy

Michael Alexander Rtshiladze, Jonathan Raymond Stretch, David Alexander Stewart, Robyn PM Saw

Medication selection and patient compliance in the clinical management of osteoporosis

Charles A Inderjeeth, Andrisha-Jade Inderjeeth, Warren David Raymond

An atypical foot infection

Brendan W Kite, Terence Heng


Management of chronic heart failure in general practice in Australia

Claire J Taylor, Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt, Joan Henderson, Clare Bayram, Graeme C Miller, FD Richard Hobbs

Prevalence and severity of dysmenorrhoea, and management options reported by young Australian women

Asvini K Subasinghe, Lina Happo, Yasmin L Jayasinghe, Suzanne M Garland, Alexandra Gorelik, John D Wark

Contraceptive use at the time of unintended pregnancy: Findings from the Contraceptive Use, Pregnancy Intention and Decisions study

Jacqueline Coombe, Melissa L Harris, Britta Wigginton, Jayne Lucke, Deborah Loxton


Healthcare apps

Richard Hays

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