Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2015 December

Problems that worry parents

December 2015 Vol 44 (12) 865-944

This month's articles include Sleep problems in children, Infant and toddler nutrition, Paediatric surgery and Behaviour management

AFP Cover 2015

Mental illness

2015 Vol 44 (11) 769-864

This month's articles include Autism spectrum disorder, Gender dysphoria, Body dysmorphic disorder and Chronic schizophrenia

AFP Cover 2015 October


October 2015 Vol 44 (10) 689-768

This month's articles include Upper GI tract biopsy reports, Clostridium difficile infection and Chronic pancreatitis.

AFP Cover 2015 September

Falling through the cracks

September 2015 Vol 44 (9) 609-688

This month's articles include Medically unexplained illness, Rare diseases, Cancer of unknown primary and Advocating for patients.

AFP Cover 2015 August


August 2015 Vol 44 (8) 529-608

This month's articles include Musculoskeletal chest wall pain, Interstitial lung disease, Adult-onset asthma and Thoracic imaging.

AFP Cover 2015

Female pelvic problems

2015 Vol 44 (7) 433-528

This month's articles include Female pelvic problems, Pelvic organ prolapse, Persistent pelvic pain and Localised provoked vestibulodynia.

AFP Cover 2015

Common dilemmas in kids

2015 Vol 44 (6) 337–432

This month's articles include Common dilemmas in kids, Sleep apnoea, Childhood migraine and Wheezing in children

AFP Cover 2015


2015 Vol 44 (5) 257–336

This month's articles include Glucose-lowering medicines, Introduction of insulin in T2DM, Continuous glucose monitoring and pumps, and Diet and diabetes

AFP Cover 2015 April

Nursing home patients

April 2015 Vol 44 (4) 161-256

This month's articles include Managing BPSD, Advance care directives, Models of GP services and Antibiotic use

AFP Cover 2015

Foot problems

2015 Vol 44 (3) 81-160

This month's articles include Paraesthesia, Heel pain, Ingrown toenails and Mid-foot pain.

AFP Cover 2015


2015 Vol 44 (1) 1-80

This month's articles include Medical tourism, Heat illnesses, Marine envenomations and Travellers’ diarrhoea.