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Problems that worry parents

December Vol 44 (12) 865-944


‘The kids are alright’ – Changes in GP consultations with children 2000–15

Christopher Harrison, Clare Bayram, Helena Britt, Janice Charles

Sleep problems in children

Katrina Hannan, Harriet Hiscock

Infant and toddler nutrition

Katie Marks

Paediatric surgery for the busy GP – Getting the referral right

Warwick J Teague, Sebastian K King

Finetuning behaviour management in young children

Rick Jarman

Up front

Parenting in practice

Sarah Metcalfe

Letters to the editor


Facial pain – A diagnostic challenge

Geoffrey Quail

Bleeding cutaneous tumour after cryotherapy

Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde, Pablo Fernandez-Crehuet


Nandu Dantanarayana

A suspicious rash in a man with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Anna Dalton, Carole Khaw

Management of dental trauma by general practitioners

Nicholas Beech, Eileen Tan-Gore, Karrar Bohreh, Dimitrios Nikolarakos


Adherence to management guidelines for childhood asthma in Australia

Bonnie J Bereznicki, Sean Beggs, Caitlin Duff, Luke Bereznicki

Co-payments and parental decision-making: A cross-sectional survey of the impact on general practice and emergency department presentations

Gary L Freed, Erin Turbitt, Amy R Allen, Amie L Bingham, Caroline Nicolas

Perceptions of ad hoc supervision encounters in general practice training: A qualitative interview-based study

Jane Morrison, Tim Clement, Debra Nestel, James Brown


General practice ethics: Disclosing errors

Annette Braunack-Mayer, Yishai Mintzker

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