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Graeme C Miller, Janice Charles, Allan J Pollack

Anticoagulation: a GP primer on the new oral anticoagulants

David Brieger, Jenny Curnow

Imaging for cardiac disease: a practical guide for general practitioners

Peter Storey

Dizziness: if not vertigo could it be cardiac disease?

Maja Susanto

Up front

Is human ingenuity changing the face of ischaemic heart disease?

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


We live in testing times

Simon Morgan, Justin Coleman

Assessment and management of male androgen disorders: an update

Irene Chan, Mark Ng Tang Fui, Jeffrey D Zajac, Mathis Grossmann

Symmetrical cutaneous bilateral appendage – a case study

Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde, Pablo Fernandez-Crehuet, Juan J Rios-Martin, Francisco M Camacho-Martinez

Approach to low back pain – acupuncture

Carolyn Ee

Management of dental infections by medical practitioners

Nicholas Beech, Ryan Goh, Anthony Lynham

The role of general practitioners in the continued success of the National Cervical Screening Program

Aime Munro, James Semmens, Yee Leung, Nerida Steel, Heidi Pavicic, Peter O’Leary, Victoria Westoby

A skin quandary in Fiji

Helen Dooley, Diana Norris

Helicobacter pylori eradication – an update on the latest therapies

Bhaskar Chakravarty, Julian Yaxley

Recurrent palmar blister

Natalia Jiménez Gómez, María Asunción Ballester Martínez, Emiliano Grillo, Pedro Jaén Olasolo


Development of pre-consultation prevention summary and reminder sheets for patients: preliminary study of acceptability and sustainability

Oliver Frank, Paul Aylward, Nigel Stocks

iPhone ECG screening by practice nurses and receptionists for atrial fibrillation in general practice: the GP-SEARCH qualitative pilot study

Jessica Orchard, Saul Benedict Freedman, Nicole Lowres, David Peiris, Lis Neubeck

‘I can sit and talk to her’: Aboriginal people, chronic low back pain and heathcare practitioner communication

Donna B Mak, Ivan Lin, Peter O’Sullivan, Juli Coffin, Sandy Toussaint, Leon Straker


Increasing GP supervisor research skills – enhancing clinical practice and teaching

Penelope Abbott, Jennifer Reath, Wendy Hu, Tim Usherwood, Sara Rosenkranz

Mohammed’s case

Sara Bird

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Book reviews

Clinical challenge


GP supervisor research skills

Dr Penny Abbott, Senior Lecturer with the Department of General Practice at the University of Western Sydney, discusses the needs, motivators and barriers of GP supervisors when using and participating in research.


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