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June Vol 41 (6) 353-448
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Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt, Janice Charles


Shelley J Kirkbright, Simon GA Brown

Referrals to A&E

Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt, Janice Charles

Survival radiology for GPs

Sarah Skinner

Basic and advanced cardiac life support

Ramanathan Narendranathan, Hugh Grantham ASM

Oral glucose tolerance testing

Patrick J Phillips

Thermal burns

Heather Cleland

Up front

Keeping it simple

Kath O’Connor

Letters to the editor


Acute infective endophthalmitis

Neil Sharma


Prem Rashid, David Prince, Kesley Pedler

Great toenail deformity

Paulo Morais, Lígia Peralta

Iliac fossa pain in pregnancy

Rebecca Shields

Vaccines and risk of lymphoedema

Karl W Baumgart, Teresa Sze Mun Lee


A missed opportunity

Meredith Temple-Smith, Christopher K Fairley, Kathleen McNamee, Marie Pirotta, Jessica Kneebone, Jade Bilardi, Jane Hocking

General practice research

Maureen E Dixon, John B Dixon, Kay M Jones

Community development

Fran Baum, Toby Freeman, Angela Lawless, Gwyneth Jolley

Registrar medical educators

Georga Cooke, Emily Farrell


The Aboriginal Medical Service Redfern

Elizabeth Marles, Cara Frame, Martin Royce

The ‘pet effect’

Bradley Smith

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Clinical challenge


Basic and advanced cardiac life support - whats new?

Professor Hugh Grantham discusses the key messages from the latest Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines on basic and advanced life support.

Anaphylaxis - recognition and management

Professor Simon Brown discusses the recognition, assessment and evidence based management of anaphylaxis in the general practice setting.

Survival radiology for GPs

Dr Sarah Skinner outlines a structured approach to interpretation of common emergency X-rays.


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