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Teaching in general practice

January-February Vol 41 (1) 1-80


GPs in teaching practices

Lisa Valenti, Graeme C Miller, Janice Charles

Trainees in the practice

Caroline Laurence, Deb Docking, Danny Haydon, Carolyn Cheah

Clinical reasoning

Andrew Linn, Hugh Kildea, Anne Tonkin, Carole Khaw

Teaching medical students

James A Best

Are they safe in there?

Up front

Reflection, resolutions and renewal

Carolyn O’Shea

Letters to the editor


Rheumatic fever

HbA1c and monitoring glycaemia

A skin lesion and fever of unknown origin

Anticholinergic and sedative medicines

Ring-like lesions on the hand

Broken heart syndrome


Key findings on ECGs

Microbiological contamination of spirometers

Management of type 2 diabetes

Susan Harch, David Reeve, Carole Reeve



Susan J Hookey

Revalidation for relicensing

Rodger Charlton, Jane Coomber, Jill E Thistlethwaite


Improving medicine selection for older people

J Simon Bell, Sarah N Hilmer, David G Le Couteur, Andrew J McLachlan, Timothy F Chen, Rebekah J Moles, Benjamin J Basger

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Clinical challenge


Are they safe in there? - Patient safety and trainees in the practice

Dr Pat Byrnes is an experienced GP, supervisor and educator. His focus article in the January–February 2012 issue of AFP considers issues of patient safety when trainees are seeing the patient. The article provides both background theory and practical ideas about how to detect ‘unconscious incompetence’. The podcast interview particularly focuses on the practical aspects of methods to assist to ascertain what is happening behind the consulting room door.

Microbiological contamination of spirometers – an exploratory study in general practice

Dr Kerry Hancock is an Adelaide GP and Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide. Her article, in the research section of the January-February 2012 AFP, titled ‘Microbiological contamination of spirometers – an exploratory study in general practice’ reports on research they have done locally testing spirometers. The results provide directions for future research, and she provides some useful advice for all practices with spirometers

Teaching medical students - Tips from the frontline

Dr James Best is an experienced GP teacher, who was awarded RACGP supervisor of the year in 2010, who provides an insight into why he teachings and tips for preparing to teach and implementing in the diverse general practice day.


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