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Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2010 December

Chronic heart failure

December 2010 Vol 39 (12) 881-992

The theme for the December issue of AFP is chronic heart failure. This month's articles include echocardiography, end stage heart failure, acute pulmonary oedema, heart failure management, treating common warts, lifestyle risk factors and Hepatitis A.

AFP Cover 2010 November

Traps for the unwary

November 2010 Vol 39 (11) 801-880

The theme for the November issue of AFP is traps for the unwary. This month's articles include TIAs – management in general practice, does it matter if I’m ‘just’ pregnant?, transient ischaemic attacks – assessment and managament, small dose... big poison, addison disease – diagnosis and initial management & general practice – engaging the online social networking revolution.

AFP Cover 2010 October

Issues in aging

October 2010 Vol 39 (10) 705-800

The theme for the October issue of AFP is Issues in aging. This month's articles include Older patients, Aging and sexuality, Early dementia – optimal management in general practice, Prescribing in the elderly, End of life care – the importance of advance care planning and Substance misuse – management in the older population

AFP Cover 2010 September

Joint pain

September 2010 Vol 39 (9) 609-704

The theme for the September issue of AFP is joint pain. This month's articles include Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis – management options in general practice, Rheumatoid arthritis, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis & Arthritis disease – the use of complementary therapies

AFP Cover 2010 August

Street drugs

August 2010 Vol 39 (8) 529-609

The theme for the August issue of AFP is street drugs. This month's articles include Drug abuse, Prescription drug misuse, Opioid dependence – management in general practice, Cannabis and mental health – management in primary care & Party drugs – use and harm reduction

AFP Cover 2010 July


July 2010 Vol 39 (7) 449-528

The theme for the July issue of AFP is clots. This month's articles include Atrial fibrillation - changes 2000 to 2009, Pulmonary embolism, Deep vein thrombosis - risks and diagnosis, Warfarin - indications, risks and drug interactions & Clot prevention - common questions about medications, Health care reform - can we maintain personal continuity & Patient 'buy-in' and prevention.

AFP Cover 2010 June

The bottom line

June 2010 Vol 39 (6) 353-448

The theme for the June issue of AFP is the bottom line. This month's articles include pilonidal sinus, anorectal pain, bleeding and lumps, pruritus ani, postsplenectomy infection, treating primary insomnia and musculoskeletal pain.

AFP Cover 2010 May

Childhood emergencies

May 2010 Vol 39 (5) 257-352

The theme for the May issue of AFP is Childhood emergencies. This month's articles include Croup, Assessment of the unwell child, Meningococcal sepsis, Croup – assessment and management, Minor head injuries in children – an approach to management & Type 1 diabetes in children – emergency management.

AFP Cover 2010 April

Culture and diversity

April 2010 Vol 39 (4) 177-256

The theme for the April issue of AFP is culture and diversity. This month's articles include NESB patients, using interpreters – a guide for GPs, compassionate listening – managing psychological trauma in refugees, mental health – cultural competence & end of life care – the importance of culture and ethnicity.

AFP Cover 2010 March

Chronic respiratory disease

March 2010 Vol 39 (3) 81-176

The theme for the March issue of AFP is chronic respiratory disease. This month's articles include fitness to fly, chronic lung disease, COPD, interstitial lung disease, poliomyelitis, coronary heart disease and primary care nursing workforce.

AFP Cover 2010 January/February

Sports injuries

January/February 2010 Vol 39 (1) 1-80

The theme for the January/February issue of AFP is sports injuries. This month's articles include musculoskeletal injuries, sports related concussion, management in general practice, ankle injuries, shin pain in athletes, knee injuries, and sport and exercise medicine – a new specialty.