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June Vol 39 (6) 353-448
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Perianal problems

Graeme C Miller, Salma Fahridin, Janice Charles

Pruritus ani

Joanne MacLean, Darren Russell

Pilonidal sinus

Paul Kitchen

Anorectal pain, bleeding and lumps

W John Daniel

Up front

A healthy bottom line

Jenni Parsons

Letters to the editor


Postsplenectomy infection

Penelope Jones, Ian Woolley, Denis Spelman, Paul Cameron, Allen Cheng, Karin Leder

Japanese encephalitis

Cora A Mayer, Amy A Neilson

A patient presenting with 'stiff hands'

Simon Burnet, Patrick J Phillips

Hypoglycaemia in nondiabetic patients

Ching Luen Ng

Overweight and obesity

Amanda Clark, Janet Franklin, Iain Pratt, Melanie McGrice


Quality use of medicines in residential aged care

Michael Somers, Ella Rose, Dasha Simmonds, Claire Whitelaw, Janine Calver, Christopher Beer

General practice registrars

Andrew Bonney, Don Iverson, Sandra C Jones, Lyn Phillipson

Musculoskeletal pain

Scott Masters, Rachel Lind


Failure to vaccinate

Sara Bird

Treating primary insomnia

Shanah Salter, Sonya Brownie

Project management

Neville Steer


Family medicine in the USA

Nicholas A Zwar

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Book reviews

AFP in practice

AFP in Practice

Carolyn O’Shea

Back pages

Clinical Challenge

Deepa Daniel


Basic and advanced cardiac life support - whats new?

Professor Hugh Grantham discusses the key messages from the latest Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines on basic and advanced life support.

Anaphylaxis - recognition and management

Professor Simon Brown discusses the recognition, assessment and evidence based management of anaphylaxis in the general practice setting.

Survival radiology for GPs

Dr Sarah Skinner outlines a structured approach to interpretation of common emergency X-rays.


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