Infections that last

August 2009


Meeting nutritional needs on a vegetarian diet

Volume 38, No.8, August 2009 Pages 600-602

Kate Marsh

Carol Zeuschner

Angela Saunders

Michelle Reid

This article forms part of a series looking at the relationship between diet and good health, and the role of the dietician in the primary health care team. This article discusses a vegetarian diet, and provides strategies to assist patients in planning meals to prevent potential nutritional deficiencies and to maximise health benefits.

A vegetarian is a person who consumes a diet consisting mostly of plant based foods including fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and grains. Some vegetarians also consume eggs and dairy foods. Individuals choose to follow a vegetarian diet for a range of reasons, including animal rights and religion, but two common reasons are the health and environmental benefits of plant based eating.

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