Australian Family Physician
Australian Family Physician


Volume 38, Issue 8, August 2009

Dementia – who cares? A comparison of community needs and primary care services

Fiona Millard Bernhard Baune
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Health professionals have varying levels of knowledge about, and interest in, providing dementia services. This article compares patient experiences in dealing with dementia with the perceived role of health care providers in providing dementia care.
Patients turn to their GP for help with dementia but may find most benefit from the assistance and advice of people who have already negotiated the pathways to care. Health professionals who fail to investigate patients presenting with dementia symptoms can delay diagnosis, denying patients and carers early intervention that could improve quality of life for both patient and carer.
Patients often notice dementia symptoms before their general practitioner and seek diagnosis and support. Not all GPs wish to provide dementia services and many are unaware of the benefits of early diagnosis and dementia care guidelines. Dementia forums attract older health professionals, suggesting younger members are less engaged in dementia care. Older patients tend to consult with older GPs, but older GPs are less aware of dementia diagnosis and management guidelines.

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