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Infections that last

August Vol 38 (8) 561-656


Long term management of people with HIV

Justin T Denholm, Michelle K Yong, Julian H Elliott

Ross River virus

Denis Spelman, Justin T Denholm, Bridget Barber

Up front

Influenza A (H1N1 09)

Louis Irving, Alan Hampson

Letters to the editor


Management of HIV/AIDS

Graeme C Miller, Salma Fahridin

Motherhood and mental illness

Jacqueline Frayne, Thinh Nguyen, Suzanna Allen, Jonathan Rampono

Meeting nutritional needs on a vegetarian diet

Kate Marsh, Carol Zeuschner, Angela Saunders, Michelle Reid

Preventing the psychosocial risks of hearing loss

William Noble


Dementia – who cares?

Fiona Millard, Bernhard Baune

Diabetic retinopathy screening in general practice

Geoffrey Spurling, Claire Jackson, Philip J Schluter, Peter Cranstoun, Clare M Maher, Craig Kennedy, Deborah A Askew

GP management of erectile dysfunction

Caroline Giles, Catherine N Kirby, Leon Piterman


Drug and herb interactions

Chi Eung Danforn Lim, Felix W S Wong, Linda Lin

Health promotion in Australian general practice

Amit Achhra

Impact of home based long term care on informal carers

Geetha Ranmuthugala, Binod Nepal, Laurie Brown, Richard Percival

Medical assistants

Abbe Anderson, Judith G Proudfoot, Mark F Harris

What’s new in TB?

Anna Ralph, Vicki Krause, Paul Kelly


Pandemic lessons

Nicholas Collins

AFP in practice

AFP in Practice

Carolyn O’Shea

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Rachel Lee



Dr Kirsten Campbell discusses the evaluation and management of thyrotoxicosis


Dr Michelle So discusses the aetiology, clinical features, investigation and management of hypothyroidism


Dr Kiernan Hughes discusses the causes, investigation and management of goitre in the general practice setting

Thyroid conditions in pregnancy

Dr Simon Forehan discusses the detection and management of thyroid conditions in pregnancy


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