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Sarah Skinner

Email: SSkinner@bendigohealth.org.au
BMBS, FRANZCR, Clinical Director Medical Imaging, Bendigo Health Care Group, Medical Imaging, Bendigo, VIC.

Guide to thoracic imaging

Imaging the thoraxModalities available for imaging chest diseases include chest X-ray, computed tomography (CT) and nuclear medicine, including ventilation–perfusion lung scanning and positron...

MRI brain imaging

General pointsThe reader is referred to the November 2012 AFP article ‘MRI of the knee’ for a general discussion of MRI.2The examination is relatively long and takes 15–30 minutes to complete. The...

MRI of the knee

The Australian Government recently announced an expansion of Medicare-funded MRI services. From November 2012, general practitioners can refer children under the age of 16 years and from November...

Pulmonary embolism: assessment and imaging

Table 1. Common clinical features of pulmonary embolism2New or worsening breathlessness, particularly if it was sudden in onsetTachypnoea (respiratory rate of 20 breaths or more per minute)Chest...

Radiation safety

What is ionising radiation?Ionising radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation with enough energy to dislodge outer shell electrons from an atom, causing that atom to become ionised and...

Survival radiology for GPs

DiscussionFigure 1 shows a Monteggia fracture: a displaced fracture of the proximal ulna (short arrow) associated with dislocation of the radial head (long arrow). This case illustrates the...


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