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Eshini Perera

Email: eshinip@gmail.com
MBBS, BMedSci, MMed, MPH, GP Registrar and Master of Public Health candidate, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC

An approach to vertigo in general practice

Vertigo is a common, distressing presentation in general practice and constitutes approximately 54% of cases of dizziness.1 Classically, vertigo presents as a sensation of movement of the...

Cutaneous chemical burns: assessment and early management

Burns are a common trauma that affects up to 1% of the Australian population and may be associated with significant physical, psychological, social and economic burden.1 Chemical burns represents 3...

Evaluation, diagnosis and management of chronic urticaria

Urticaria is characterised by swelling of the skin and mucosa due to plasma leakage.1The term is often used to describe a rash that may present with weals, with or without angioedema. Urticaria can...

Hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis A guide to assessment and management

Hyperhidrosis is a deeply distressing condition for patients: it causes physical discomfort and social awkwardness, negatively impacts on daily activities, impairs performance and productivity of...


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