The joy of life

January/February 2017

AFP Cover 2017 January/February

The joy of life

January/February 2017 Vol 46 (1) 1-80

This month’s articles include: Healthy living, Healthy sex, Healthy pregnancy and Healthy ageing


Healthy living

Garry Egger

Let's talk about sex

Raie Goodwach

Enjoying a healthy pregnancy: GPs’ essential role in health promotion

Jacqueline Frayne, Yvonne Hauck

Healthy ageing

Jane Sims

Up front

Editorial: The joy of life

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


Trans-oral robotic surgery in oropharyngeal carcinoma – A guide for general practitioners and patients

Wendy Sijia Liu, Alex Limmer, Joe Jabbour, Jonathan Clark

Laryngopharyngeal reflux: A confounding cause of aerodigestive dysfunction

Kristy Fraser-Kirk

Persistent suppression of viral load in chronic hepatitis B

Lester Mascarenhas, Leonie Sutton

Oxycodone/naloxone: An unusual adverse drug reaction

Fiona Lau, Matthew Gardiner

A pruritic vesicular rash

Ana Baptista, Sofia Madanelo, Paulo Morais

Multiple hyperpigmented patches on a dark-skinned patient

Elisabeth Gómez Moyano, Leandro Martínez Pilar, Silvestre Martinez Garcia, Sara Simonsen


Palliative care in general practice: GP integration in caring for patients with advanced cancer

Brian Le, Peter Eastman, Sita Vij, Fiona McCormack, Cuong Duong, Jennifer Philip

An Australian discharge summary quality assessment tool: A pilot study

Carl Mahfouz, Andrew Bonney, Judy Mullan, Warren Rich

Audit and feedback by medical students to improve the preventive care practices of general practice supervisors

Lucy A Gilkes, Helena Liira, Jon Emery

Young people have their say: What makes a youth-friendly general practice?

Laura Turner, Leah Spencer, Jack Strugnell, Isabel Di Tommaso, Magella Tate, Penny Allen, Colleen Cheek, Jane Cooper, Julian Chang


Naevus or melanoma? An inadequate paradigm for a small number of clinically important lesions

Benjamin Andrew Wood, Nathan Tobias Harvey

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