Ear, nose and throat

June 2016

AFP Cover 2016 June

Ear, nose and throat

June 2016 Vol 45 (6) 357–452

This month's articles include: Hearing loss in the elderly, Implantable hearing devices, Sinusitis and Voice hoarseness.


General practice antibiotic prescribing for management of otitis media in children

Joan Henderson, Lisa Valenti, Graeme C Miller

Diagnosis and management of hearing loss in elderly patients

Nga T Phan, Jo-Lyn McKenzie, Lisa Huang, Bernard Whitfield, Andrew Chang

Implantable hearing devices – An update

Grace Kirkby-Strachan, Christopher Que-Hee


Samuel Morcom, Nicholas Phillips, Andrew Pastuszek, Daniel Timperley

Hoarseness: An approach for the general practitioner

Lauren Cooper, Rachele A Quested

Up front

Editorial: Medical taxonomy meets the upper respiratory tract

Stephen A Margolis


More than meets the (painful red) eye

Amali F Navaratna, Alannah Walsh, Parker Magin

Topical corticosteroid addiction and withdrawal – An overview for GPs

Belinda Sheary

Towards appropriate imaging: Tips for practice

Richard M Mendelson, Brett David Montgomery

The safety of nanoparticles in sunscreens: An update for general practice

Penelope C McSweeney

Type 2 diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents

Kung-Ting Kao, Matthew A Sabin

A GP primer to understanding biopsy reports of the lower gastrointestinal tract

Marjorie M Walker, Angela K Harris, Georgia C Edwards, Nicholas J Talley


The uptake of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessments fails to improve in some areas

Heike Schütze, Lisa Jackson Pulver, Mark Harris

Shared medical appointments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men

John A Stevens, John Dixon, Andrew Binns, Bob Morgan, Jeff Richardson, Garry Egger

Safe and effective cultural mentorship in general practice

Siaw-Teng Liaw, Vicki Wade, Phyllis Lau, Iqbal Hasan, John Furler


The Victorian Metropolitan Alliance’s Education Enhancement program: A reflection

George Zaharias

Responding to registrars’ in-consultation calls for assistance: Practical implications from the ReCeNT project

Susan M Wearne, Simon Morgan, Parker Magin, Neil A Spike, Amanda Tapley, Cathy Regan, Lawrie McArthur

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