Sports medicine

July 2016

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Sports medicine

July 2016 Vol 45 (7) 453–532

This month's articles include: Musculoskeletal injuries, Paediatric sports injuries, Concussion in children and adolescents and Ageing athletes.


Musculoskeletal injury in Australian general practice: 2000 to 2015

Allan J Pollack, Clare Bayram, Graeme C Miller

Paediatric sports injuries

Leesa Huguenin

Concussive head injury in children and adolescents

Gary J Browne, Stefan Dimou

Clinical considerations for the ageing athlete

Shane P Brun

Up front

Editorial: The sporting life

Glenn Duns

Letters to the editor


Allergic reactions to insulin detemir in women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Adam Morton, Josephine Laurie

Dry mouth: Xerostomia and salivary gland hypofunction

Agnieszka M Frydrych


Elizabeth Harrison, Matthew Cronin

Management of urinary incontinence in residential care

David S Lim


A circle of silence: The attitudes of patients older than 65 years of age to ceasing long-term sleeping tablets

Fiona Williams, Carl Mahfouz, Andrew Bonney, Russell Pearson, Bastian Seidel, Bridget Dijkmans-Hadley, Rowena Ivers

Consumer awareness, satisfaction, motivation and perceived benefits from using an after-hours GP helpline – A mixed methods study

Rosemary McKenzie

Test result audit and feedback (TRAFk) as a supervision method for rational test ordering in general practice training

Simon Morgan, Tony Saltis, Justin Coleman, Amanda Tapley, Parker Magin

Contraceptive choices and sexual health of Japanese women living in Australia: A brief report from a qualitative study

Kumiyo Inoue, Marguerite Kelly, Deborah Bateson, Alison Rutherford, Mary Stewart, Juliet Richters


What is happening to patients who have had polio? The role of the patient in assessment and management

Margaret M Cooper

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