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2015 Vol 44 (1) 1-80

This month's articles include Medical tourism, Heat illnesses, Marine envenomations and Travellers’ diarrhoea.


Travel advice and vaccination

Joan Henderson, Christopher Harrison, Clare Bayram, Helena Britt

Medical tourism

Peter Leggat

Heat illnesses:

a hot topic in the setting of global climate change

Jeffrey Sankoff

Marine envenomations

Ingrid Berling, Geoffrey Isbister

Advising travellers about management of travellers’ diarrhoea

Karin Leder

Up front

Editorial: Medicine and the environment

Glenn Duns

Letters to the editor


Interventions to improve adherence to exercise for chronic musculoskeletal pain in adults

Dawn Aitken, Rachelle Buchbinder, Graeme Jones, Tania Winzenberg

Diverse presentations of acral melanoma

Robyn PM Saw, Annette H Chakera, Jonathan Raymond Stretch, Rebecca L Read

Investigation and management of an ovarian mass

Melissa Yeoh

Ketoacidosis in a patient 
with type 2 diabetes – Flatbush diabetes

Donald A Howarth

Dirt-like hyperpigmented plaques on the face

Ricardo Ruiz-Villaverde, Pablo Fernandez-Crehuet

Nail and oral cavity pigmentation

Alejandro Lobato-Berezo, Lidia Maroñas-Jiménez, Marcela Martínez-Pérez, Adrián Imbernón-Moya, Miguel Ángel Gallego-Valdés, Javier Ortiz-De Frutos

A challenging case of 
chronic diarrhoea

Ahmad Al-Hindawi, Vinesh Appadurai, Gemma Ingham, Mostafa Seleem


Utilisation of co-testing 
(human papillo-mavirus DNA testing and cervical cytology) after treatment of CIN:

a survey of GPs’ awareness and knowledge

Aime Munro, Jim Codde, James Semmens, Yee Leung, Katrina Spilsbury, Vincent Williams, Nerida Steel, Paul Cohen, Heidi Pavicic, Vicki Westoby, Peter O’Leary

Hepatitis C polymerase chain reaction testing by GPs

Samuel Bailey, Benjamin Scalley, Marisa Gilles

General practice service use and satisfaction among female survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Jan Coles, Adeline Lee, Angela Taft, Danielle Mazza, Deborah Loxton


A is for aphorisms

Feed a fever, starve a cold? Or could it be starve a fever, feed a cold?

Jane Smith


Internet support for 
point-of-care testing in primary care

Andrew St John, Rosy Tirimacco, Tony Badrick, Limei Siew, Paul Simpson, Penelope Cowley, Shahid Ullah, Philip Tideman

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