Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2014 December

Patients and technology

December 2014 Vol 43 (12) 817–896

This month's articles include e-Mental health, Internet-based CBT, Digital technologies and chronic disease and Technology in community-based care.

AFP Cover 2014 November

After the event

November 2014 Vol 43 (11) 737-816

This month's articles include Post-traumatic stress disorder, Traumatic brain injury, Refugees and asylum seekers, and Family violence.

AFP Cover 2014 October


October 2014 Vol 43 (10) 657-736

This month's articles include Coeliac disease, Paediatric immunology, Food intolerance and Vaccinations

AFP Cover 2014 September

Wounds and ulcers

September 2014 Vol 43 (9) 577-656

This month's articles include Ulcer dressings, Venous leg ulcers, Lacerations in children and Tropical ulcers.

AFP Cover 2014 August


August 2014 Vol 43 (8) 497-576

This month's articles include Risk tools in diagnosis, End-of-life care, Survivorship and Advance care planning

AFP Cover 2014 July


July 2014 Vol 43 (7) 417–496

This month's articles include genetics in general practice, noninvasive prenatal testing, consumer DNA testing, genetic testing – medico-legal issues, ethics and professionalism, and investigating fatigue.

AFP Cover 2014 June


June 2014 Vol 43 (6) 337–416

This month's articles include tobacco smoking, problem gambling, alcohol, learning in the digital era, suicidal adolescents and travel vaccinations.

AFP Cover 2014 May


May 2014 Vol 43 (5) 241–336

This month's articles include anticoagulants, imaging for cardiac disease, dental infections, iPhone ECG screening, male androgen disorders, and dizziness: vertigo or cardiac disease?

AFP Cover 2014 April

Challenging life stages

April 2014 Vol 43 (4) 161-240

This month's articles include cognitive decline, paediatric palliative care, perinatal mental health, struggling at school, chronic disease management plans, hip pain in young adults and rational test ordering.

AFP Cover 2014 March


March 2014 Vol 43 (3) 81–160

This month's articles include sports-related concussion, epilepsy, chronic headache, epilepsy in pregnancy, Vitamin D levels, chronic hepatitis B and the art of communication.

AFP Cover 2014 January/February

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

January/February 2014 Vol 43 (1) 1-80

This month's articles include managing skin infections, antenatal care, mental health, cultural mentors, integrated clerkships and Klinefelter syndrome.