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June Vol 43 (6) 337–416
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Tobacco smoking

Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt, Janice Charles

Tobacco smoking: options for helping smokers to quit

Colin P Mendelsohn, Nicholas A Zwar, Robyn L Richmond

Alcohol: prevention, policy and primary care responses

Dan I Lubman, Amy Pennay, Matthew Frei

Problem gambling

Shane Thomas

Up front

Not only getting personal

Rob Moodie

Letters to the editor


Risk assessment and initial management of suicidal adolescents

Michael Gordon, Glenn Melvin

Polymyalgia rheumatica: clinical update

Faisal Ameer, Julian McNeil

Are we there yet? Travel vaccinations for Australian children

Mike Starr, Grant Blashki, Marnie Slonim

Allergic dermatitis

Abdullahi Berih, Alamin Berhanu

A masquerade presenting with diplopia

Xiao Chen, Awaldeep Singh, Satpal Singh

When lab tests lie … heterophile antibodies

Adam Morton


‘BeAWARE’: supporting non-clinical staff within general practice to promptly identify patients presenting with warning signs of heart attack or stroke

Christopher Poulter, Michelle Stewart, Cliona Fitzpatrick, Wendy Keech, Bill Stavreski, Robert Grenfell

How do GPs want to learn in the digital era?

Melissa Yee, Virginia Simpson-Young, Rebecca Paton, Yeqin Zuo

‘Your lack of organisation doesn’t constitute our emergency’ – repeat prescription management in general practice

Meredith Temple-Smith, Malcolm Clark, Marie Pirotta, Elizabeth M Deveny, Belinda Garth, Cathy Hutton, Ruby Biezen

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Book reviews

Clinical challenge



Dr Amy Pennay, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, Turning Point, discusses some of the reasons why alcohol is such a popular and valued commodity in Australia, as well as some of the common problems caused by alcohol.


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