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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

January-February Vol 43 (1) 1-80


General practice encounters with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt, Carmen Zhang

Antenatal care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

Marilyn Clarke, Jacqueline Boyle

Mental health in Indigenous settings

Ernest Hunter

Up front

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

John Wakerman, Kylie Stothers

Letters to the editor


Core palliative medicines

Paul Tait, Bel Morris, Timothy To

Advanced skin squamous cell carcinoma

Michael J McKay

Klinefelter syndrome

Sylvia Metcalfe, Elyssia Bourke, Amy Herlihy, Pamela Snow, David Amor

Approach to low back pain

Simon French, Peter Werth, Bruce Walker

Management of smoking in pregnant women

Colin P Mendelsohn, Gillian S Gould, Cheryl Oncken


Factors affecting medical students’ sense of belonging in a longitudinal integrated clerkship

Andrew Bonney, George Albert, J Nicky Hudson, Patricia Knight-Billington

What do GPs need to work more effectively with Aboriginal patients?

Penelope Abbott, Jennifer Reath, Darshana Dave, Elaine Gordon

General practice registrar perceptions on training medical students

Lucie Walters, Anne Kleinitz, David Campbell


Generalism workforce planning

Lucio Naccarella

A is for aphorism

Jenny Doust

In the wake of Angelina

Kate Dunlop, Judy Kirk, Kathy Tucker


My journey into Aboriginal health

Lara Wieland

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AFP reviewers 2013


Managing skin infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Tonia Marquardt

An itchy rash on the fingertips

Paulo Morais, Patricia Machado, Diogo Pereira

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Clinical challenge


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