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Embarrassing problems

May Vol 42 (5) 257–352
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Premature ejaculation

Christopher Harrison, Clare Bayram, Helena Britt

Hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis

Rodney Sinclair, Eshini Perera

Penile appearance, lumps and bumps

Vinita Rane, Tim Read

The male reproductive system

Sanjiva Wijesinha, Catherine N Kirby, Leon Piterman


Terry Bolin

Up front

Embarrassing problems

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


Bone turnover markers

Penelope Coates

Mother’s kiss for nasal foreign bodies

Handbook of Non Drug Intervention (HANDI) Project Team

Patient blood management

Sandra Minck, Kathryn Robinson, Ben Saxon, Tracey Spigiel, Amanda Thomson

Painful swollen wrist

Lawrence Leung

Optimising nicotine replacement therapy in clinical practice

Colin P Mendelsohn

Facial discolouration

Jacinto Orgaz-Molina, Maria Girón-Prieto, Marilena Cotugno, Salvador Arias-Santiago

Localised alopecia

Patricia Cabeza-Calleja, Victoria Martinez-Prieto, Pablo Fernandez-Crehuet, Jose Luis Fernandez-Crehuet Serrano


Older people with mild cognitive impairment

David A Johnson, Dimity Pond, Oliver Frank, Nigel Stocks

‘We are all time poor’

Andrew Bonney, Aliza Haslinda Hamirudin, Karen Walton, Jan Potter, Marianna Milosavljevic, Andrew Dalley, Karen Charlton, Adam Hodgkins, George Albert

Prevention of diabetes and heart disease

Sandy Lu, Mark F Harris

Who will be running your practice in 10 years?

Katrina Anderson, Martin Liedvogel, Emily Haesler


Obstacles to alcohol and drug care

Lynda Berends, Dan I Lubman

Chronic heart failure management in Australia

Claire Jackson, Ian Scott



Donald A Howarth

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Melissa Tan


Wind problems in the bowels

Professor Terry Bolin discusses wind problems in the bowels, including causes, differential diagnoses, investigations, management and more.

Older people with mild cognitive impairment and driving

Mr David Johnson discusses his recent study on the views of older people with mild cognitive impairment on their driving ability.

Minimising patient harm from alcohol and drug use

Dr Linda Berends considers a range of evidence based strategies within primary health care to effectively minimise patient harm from alcohol and drug usage.

Male reproductive problems

Associate Professor Wijesinha provides a wide ranging and comprehensive discussion on the presentation, investigation and management of common male reproductive problems including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and more.


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