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Reproductive health

October Vol 41 (10) 737-832



Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt, Carmen Zhang

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Helena J Teede, Jacqueline Boyle


Eric Chung

Assisted reproductive technology

Kate Stern


Katrina Allen

Up front

Life and times

Sarah Metcalfe

Letters to the editor


Stool culture

Christopher J Hewison, Christopher H Heath, Paul R Ingram

Parasitic causes of prolonged diarrhoea in travellers

Andrew Slack

Evaluation of the sleepy patient

Mohammad Torabi Nami

Interdigital erosions

Jacinto Orgaz-Molina, Marilena Cotugno, Maria Carmen Orgaz-Molina, Salvador Arias-Santiago

On botany and gardening

Louise Stone

Back pain with lower limb paresis

Robert George

Skin rash associated with limb weakness

Sergio Vano-Galvan, Angela Miguel-Morrondo, Marta Urech, Emiliano Grillo, Pedro Jaén Olasolo


Prioritising CVD prevention therapy

Sharon Sanders, Jonathan Shaw, Paul Glasziou, Jenny Doust

Genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Margaret Spillman, Tracy Cheffins, Monika Buhrer-Skinner, Clare Heal, Sarah Larkins

Nonadherence to prophylactic

Heather Craig, Bradley Wright


Children and young people in out-of-home care

Meredith Temple-Smith, Susan Webster, Anne Smith

Infant abusive head trauma

William Liley, Anne Stephens, Melissa Kaltner, Richard C Franklin, Komla Tsey, Rebecca Stewart, Simon Stewart, Sarah Larkins

A is for aphorism

Jenny Doust


Sexual diversity in patients

DJ Williams

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Sarah Metcalfe


Diagnosis and uncertainty in the GP consultation

Dr Louise Stone discusses diagnosis and uncertainty in the GP consultation including understanding the patient’s unique experience of illness and their psychosocial context.

Assisted reproductive technology

Dr Kate Stern discusses assisted reproductive technology focussing on important points for general practitioners as well as bringing us up to date with recent developments, particularly in the area of fertility preservation.

Management of cardiovascular risk

Professor Jenny Doust guides us through her recent research study comparing management of cardiovascular risk using individual risk factors compared to the absolute cardiovascular risk approach.

Contraceptive management

Dr Katrina Allen shares her experiences with contraceptive management particularly in young women, with a focus on long-acting reversible contraceptive methods and some practical suggestions for managing commonly encountered issues.


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