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Lisa Valenti, Graeme C Miller, Janice Charles

Vitamin D

Tania Winzenberg, Ingrid van der Mei, Rebecca S Mason, Caryl Nowson, Graeme Jones

Paget disease of bone

Cameron Britton, John Walsh


Dan Ewald


Debra Rowett, J Simon Bell, Natalie Blacker, Christopher P Alderman, Alan Husband, Sue Edwards, Lesh Karan, Oliver Frank

Up front

Bones and other challenges

Carolyn O’Shea

Letters to the editor


Cardiac stress testing

David Prior, Alex McLellan

Tick bite

Garry Buchan-Hepburn, Mark McGrath

Contact tracing for STIs

Siobhan Reddel, Natalie Edmiston


Intellectual disability, sexuality and sexual abuse prevention

Mieke van Driel, Elly Scheermeyer, Nicholas G Lennox, Gillian Eastgate

Metal fume fever

Anselm Wong, Shaun Greene, Jeff Robinson


The NSW Refugee Health Service

Diana Milosevic, Mitchell M Smith, I-Hao Cheng

Quality in general practice

Danielle Mazza, Karina Gardner


ADHD guidelines

Corina O’Dowd

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Nyoli Valentine


Intellectual disability, sexuality and sexual abuse prevention – a study of family members and support workers

Gillian Eastgate is a GP and researcher who discusses her research interviewing the family members of, and support workers for people with, an intellectual disability on their intellectual disability and sexuality. It is a companion to her research published (and accompanying podcast) in April 2011 interviewing women with an intellectual disability and their views on sexuality.

Osteoporosis – prevention and detection in general practice

Dr Dan Ewald is a GP and public health physician from the NSW who discusses osteoporosis prevention and detection in general practice, telling us what the evidence shows and reminding us of the importance of sorting the evidence from the hype.


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