How I started to build a track record in research

I think I wanted to do a PhD before I even applied to attend university as an undergraduate. I know, I know. This is very nerdy...

Vaccination of patients under 65 years old with chronic conditions

Increasing vaccinations against influenza and invasive pneumococcal disease in people under 65 years old

RACGP Foundation grants - a great opportunity for GPs doing research

I have been a GP for 16 years. I have always tried to work in areas where my medical skills would be of most value...

Melinda Choy - Foundation Grant Walpole Grieve Award winner in 2019

I am grateful to have received the RACGP Foundation Grant Walpole-Grieve Award in 2019. 2019 also happened to be the year I received my RACGP Fellowship

The importance of general practice research by GPs

General practice was my dream after escaping the hospital system in fifth-year medicine

Care beyond the formal health system

The traditional view of healthcare has focused on healthcare professionals as providers of care and patients as recipients
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