The RACGP Foundation enables critical research in general practice. We do this by providing much-needed funding, support and pathways for Australian GPs to undertake important research in their communities, and to then translate that research into practice.

Although over 2 million Australians are seen by a GP each week, only a fraction of medical research occurs in general practice because of chronic underfunding and undervaluing of general practice research. The RACGP Foundation is on a mission to address this problem for the benefit of practice and patients alike.

Supporting GP researchers is the top priority of the RACGP Foundation. We know that research in general practice is best done by GPs - those who truly understand the multiple complexities of caring for patients in general practice. By enabling GPs to undertake research, we can help build the evidence base needed to inform the delivery of high-quality, effective care for patients across Australia for a healthier tomorrow.

Our programs

Research grants & awards

The RACGP Foundation provides over $700,000 in grants and awards each year to support important GP-led research projects into various aspects of practice and patient care, including chronic disease and injury management, Indigenous health, digital and innovation, and clinical guidelines. Since the 1950s, we have supported hundreds of general practice research projects and GP researchers whose work has helped shape Australian healthcare. Learn more

PhD pathways

From 2024, the RACGP Foundation will provide scholarships for GPs embarking on PhD research, helping to attract more GPs to academic positions and, in turn, more medical students to the profession. This program is designed not only to build GP research capacity and leadership in Australia, but it was also help to address critical workforce shortages within general practice. Learn more

The importance of general practice research

Improving patient care

General practice research helps to identify best practices and evidence-based treatments for common medical conditions, which is critical to improving the quality of care provided to patients by GPs.

Informing healthcare policy

General practice research provides valuable insights into the functioning of primary care systems and the role of GPs within these systems, which can inform healthcare policy, advocacy and decision-making.

Addressing healthcare disparities

General practice research can help to identify and understand health disparities, informing targeted interventions to address these disparities for greater health equity.

Advancing the field

General practice research is vital to the continued advancement of the field by providing new knowledge, insights and solutions to support progress, innovation and sustainability in general practice.

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