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Nicholas Zwar

MBBS, MPH, PhD, FRACGP, Professor of General Practice, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW

Alcohol enquiry by GPs – Understanding patients’ perspectives: A qualitative study

Drinking behaviours that increase the risk of alcohol-related harm (ie risky drinking) occur in one-quarter of Australian adult general practice attendees.1 General practitioners (GPs) are...

Consultation contexts and the acceptability of alcohol enquiry from general practitioners – a survey experiment

Alcohol consumption accounts for 3.2% of the burden of disease and injury in Australia,1 and is second only to tobacco as the greatest preventable cause of drug-related deaths and hospitalisation.2...

Improving blood pressure control in general practice: A pilot study of the ImPress intervention

Control of blood pressure has been shown to delay or improve the outcome of a range of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).1 People at high absolute CVD risk, which includes those who have already...

Let’s listen to patients’ and GPs’ perspectives on alcohol-screening research

General practitioners (GPs) are at the frontline in reducing the health burden of alcohol-related harms. Australian and international guidelines recommend a preventive approach – early detection of...

Patients’ acceptance of SNAP assessment: An exploration

We previously described in Australian Family Physician a survey experiment that demonstrated patients’ acceptance of alcohol enquiry from their general practitioners (GPs) varied markedly depending...


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