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Ju-Lee Ooi

Email: juleeooi@hotmail.com
MBBS MPH FRANZCO, Ophthalmologist, Eye and Retina Specialists, Sydney, and Clinical Lecturer, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales.

Bilateral blurry vision A case study

Figure 1. Right fundus photoFigure 2. Left fundus photoQuestion 1Describe the fundus findings.Question 2What dilating drops would you use to perform a dilated fundus examination? What precautions...

New-onset ptosis initially diagnosed as conjunctivitis

CaseJoe, 66 years of age, was referred with a 2-week history of a right upper eyelid abnormality. He complained of associated diplopia initially, but this subjectively improved after a few days as...

Sudden loss of vision A case study

Case studyBert, aged 80 years, presented to his general practitioner with sudden, painless loss of vision in his right eye 2 hours prior. He was an insulin-dependant type 2 diabetic, with a history...

The use of fenofibrate in the management of patients with diabetic retinopathy: an evidence-based review

Diabetic retinopathy is a significant cause of vision impairment and is predicted to become an increasingly large global public health problem. Diabetic retinopathy often affects those of working...


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