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Jacinto Orgaz-Molina

Email: jacinto_orgaz@hotmail.com
MD, is a resident, University Hospital San Cecilio, Department of Dermatology, Granada, Spain.

Cutaneous plaque in a diabetic patient A case study

Case studyA man, 31 years of age, with type 1 diabetes, presents with a slightly pruritic plaque located on the lateral aspect of his left elbow. It has developed over 8 weeks, beginning as a '...

Facial discolouration A case study

Figure 1. Blue-grey hyperpigmentation on sun-exposed skin of the faceQuestion 1What is the most likely diagnosis?Question 2What is the differential diagnosis?Question 3What skin related adverse...

Interdigital erosions Tinea pedis?

Case studyA man, 54 years of age, presented to our clinic with a 10 month history of bilateral interdigital lesions affecting the third and fourth interdigital spaces of both feet. Previous...

Multiple finger nodules and an erythematous rash A case study

Figure 1. Finger nodules on presentation A) and 1 week later B) and C)Question 1What is the most likely diagnosis?Question 2What is the aetiology of this condition?Question 3What population is at...


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