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Paul Glasziou

MBBS, FRACGP, PhD, is Director, Centre for Research in Evidence Based Practice, Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland.

A is for aphorism The power of silence

Listening without interrupting the patient sounds like a recipe for running late. But the research provides some surprises: patients don’t generally speak for very long and not interrupting...

Addressing antibiotic resistance Focusing on acute respiratory infections in primary care

The implications of antibiotic resistance for the future of healthcare are frightening. Quite apart from serious infections (such as pneumonia and sepsis), which are now managed routinely with...

Common general practice presentations and publication frequency

A 2002 United States survey indicated that most doctors (83%) choose topic areas for continuing medical education programs that constitute a significant part of their regular practice.1 While GPs...

How to measure home blood pressure: Recommendations for healthcare professionals and patients

Home blood pressure (BP) monitoring, the self-measurement of BP in the home, away from a medical environment, provides a greater number of BP readings that are more reliable for assessment of true...

Making non-drug interventions easier to find and use

Advances in non-drug treatments in the past few decades have been substantial and diverse: exercise for heart failure and COPD, ‘mirror’ therapy for poststroke pain, the Epley manoeuvre for benign...

Is the problem that everything is a diagnosis?

Figure 1. Incidence and mortality from thyroid cancer in Australia Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 2012. ACIM (Australian Cancer Incidence and Mortality) Books. AIHW...

Prioritising CVD prevention therapy Absolute risk versus individual risk factors

To direct treatment to those most likely to benefit, treatment is increasingly focused on those at high risk based on combined risk factors, the absolute risk approach. This approach was developed...


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