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September Vol 46 (9) 625–704


Much more than prescribing a pill – Assessment and treatment of erectile dysfunction by the general practitioner

Ohad Shoshany, Darren J Katz, Christopher Love

Male infertility – The other side of the equation

Ohad Shoshany, Darren J Katz, Patrick Teloken

Urolithiasis – Ten things every general practitioner should know

Ohad Shoshany, Darren J Katz, Christopher Love, James Sewell

Peyronie’s disease – Watch out for the bend

Ohad Shoshany, Darren J Katz, Christopher Love, Eric Chung

Adult male stress and urge urinary incontinence – A review of pathophysiology and treatment strategies for voiding dysfunction in men

Darren J Katz, Christopher Love, Eric Chung

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Editorial: Promoting ‘quality-of-life’ and ‘survivorship’ urology

Darren J Katz

Letters to the editor


Helping mothers with the emotional dysregulation of borderline personality disorder and their infants in primary care settings

Anne Sved Williams, Gisele Apter

Occult syphilitic chancres in the rectum and oropharynx

Jason J Ong, Marcus Y Chen, Christopher K Fairley, Janet M Towns

The suspect – SIADH

Kristen Tee, Jerry Dang


Knowledge and practices of chronic hepatitis B virus testing by general practitioners in Victoria, Australia, 2014–15

Caroline van Gemert, Jess Howell, Julie Wang, Mark Stoove, Benjamin Cowie, Chris Enright, Elisabeth Dunn, Vanessa Towell, Nicole Allard, Margaret Hellard

Locating advance care planning facilitators in general practice increases consumer participation

Frances Quirk, Charlie Corke, Jill Mann, Stephen D Gill, Lisa Mitchell, Margaret J Rogers, Peter Martin


Navigating the disparate Australian regulatory minefield of cosmetic therapy

Liang Joo Leow

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