October 2014

AFP Cover 2014 October


October 2014 Vol 43 (10) 657-736

This month's articles include Coeliac disease, Paediatric immunology, Food intolerance and Vaccinations


Testing for gluten sensitivity

Allan J Pollack, Clare Bayram, Graeme C Miller, Helena Britt

Coeliac disease: where are we in 2014?

Kristin Kenrick , Andrew S Day

Hot topics in paediatric immunology: IgE-mediated food allergy and allergic rhinitis

Kristina Rueter , Susan Prescott

The role of food intolerance in functional gastrointestinal disorders in children

Kate Wilson, Rebecca J Hill

A positive approach to parents with concerns about vaccination for the family physician

Margie Danchin , Terry Nolan

Up front

Editorial - Contemporary immunology: placing the controversies in abeyance

Stephen A Margolis

Letters to the editor


Frontotemporal hair loss

Joana Silva , Ana Manuela Rocha , Eliana Bonifácio , Paulo Morais

Incidentally detected thrombocytopaenia in adults

Shweta Sharma , Hannah Rose

Changes in mood, depression and suicidal ideation after commencing pregabalin for neuropathic pain

Tony David Hall , Simon Shah , Bradley Ng , Heide Marie Feberwee , Leigh Dotchin , Margaret Vandermost , Michelle A King

Pruritus in the elderly – a guide to assessment and management

Niranthari Chinniah , Monisha Gupta

Diagnostic difficulties in skin cancer detection within tattoos

Eleni Anthony , Karyn Lun , Amanda Godbolt, Erin McMeniman


Online continuing medical education (CME) for GPs: does it work? A systematic review

Isaraporn Thepwongsa , Catherine N Kirby, Peter Schattner, Leon Piterman

The use of a global trigger tool to inform quality and safety in Australian general practice: a pilot study

Peter Hibbert , Helena Williams

Accuracy of general practitioner medication histories for patients presenting to the emergency department

Simone Taylor , Susan Welch , Andrew Harding, Leonie Abbott , Baljit Riyat , Mel Morrow , Dona Lawrence , Sheridan Rodda , Sarah Heward

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